restorative Yoga

Life is busy and can be stressful. Even when we take time to relax most of us are still stimulating our brains in some way, whether its scrolling through Facebook or watching TV. Unless we are asleep, we rarely allowing ourselves to just BE.

Restorative Yoga is different way of practicing yoga. It is incredibly relaxing, healing and, as the name suggests, restorative for the body and mind. Only a few yoga poses are performed during the class, each one fully supported by blankets, bolsters or pillows and held for a period of time to enable you to completely relax and unwind. The emphasis is on breathing, releasing and letting go while gently allowing the body to soften and open. Even transitioning from one pose to another is done at a very slow and gentle pace. The class will finish with an extended period relaxation and guided meditation.

This class is open to everyone. No previous yoga experience is required. Please bring 2 pillows and 2 blankets with you for your comfort.