Please note that the variety of classes on offer and the schedule are subject to change

Hatha Yoga

This class is a little stronger or more challenging than the yoga fundamentals class. It caters for people who have some yoga experience and are looking for a deeper connection. The emphasis is on creating a sense of steadiness and ease by listening to your body, whether its moving from one yoga pose to another, holding a yoga pose or practising breathing techniques. As in all the other classes, I encourage people to only do what feels right for them.


Yoga Fundamentals

This is a level 1 class suitable for beginners or people returning to yoga after a long time. As with all yoga classes, I encourage people to tune-in and listen to their bodies and to only do what feels right for them. Everyone is different and all yoga asana (poses) can be adapted or modified to suit every individual.

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Yoga for Pregnancy

Pregnancy yoga is recommended from 14 weeks onwards right up until the baby is born, even if over due.

The Yoga for Pregnancy class offers you a friendly, relaxed environment where you can enjoy this special time.

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Restorative Yoga

Suitable for all levels, Restorative Yoga is different way of practicing yoga. It is incredibly relaxing, healing and, as the name suggests, restorative for the body and mind. Only a few yoga poses are performed during the class, each one fully supported by blankets, bolsters or pillows and held for a period of time to enable you to completely relax and unwind.

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