Sovereign Body Anatomy & energy Medicine

Sovereign Body Anatomy & Energy Medicine training course with Veronica Larsson.

The training will take place over the course of a year (on zoom or in-person depending) from January 2021 to December 2021. See dates below.

There are some ways, some principles, according to which energy needs to move in the body in order for there to be balance harmony, vitality, and optimal mental & physical health. These principles are not willy nilly philosophies, or made up arbitrary preferences or ideologies. These principles are how our biology and its underlying energetic currents and impulses work; how our physiology and thus psychology functions. There are interconnected neuro pathways of energy exchange and communication, and glandular chemical excretions that determine how our physiology functions; when these are not working; there is any amount of physical and mental health issues. This training teaches these principles / laws of nature, or Life. More details here


  • Subtle Body Anatomy Mind-Body practices – principles, purpose, and practice. 
  • Specific Breath-work
  • Subtle Body Anatomy: Principles and functions of the Chakras, Vayus, Nadis & Koshas
  • Restorative yoga practices; specific purpose and methods.   
  • Subtle Body Psychology; investigating the body – mind – emotion connection of chakras and koshas to real life issues (yes you will have a journey of personal growth)
  • Deep Guided Meditation / Transmission / Teaching / Energy Medicine Sessions; connecting with the Self. 
  • Professional Practice; Purpose, Service, Being a Teacher, Dharma, Responsibilities, Awareness
  • Principles of teaching; Purpose, intention, service, dharma, inspiration, health, safety, community.
  • Teaching Methodology: Principles of Subtle Body Anatomy, sequencing, language, voice, intention, clarity, communication, service, reading energy, modifications; are you actually achieving the results you set out to deliver. Is your intention, actions, choices, communication, and the results of these in alignment, in actual reality?

“10 years ago, I was fortunate enough to have Veronica as a lead teacher on my first year long Yoga Teacher Training course, which I can only describe as a life changing experience. Since then I have continued to attend many more of her workshops, retreats and trainings, including the extensive Yoga Energy Medicine course in 2010 and Subtle Body Anatomy Yoga in 2019/2020. Veronica is a highly trained, skilled and experienced teacher who is gifted with extraordinary wisdom and possesses a unique knowledge and understanding of yoga and human energy systems.” – Anne-Marie Southcombe 

January 2021  :  December 2021

  • 11 modules  in-person and on zoom (depending on circumstances and geography) 

Jan 16 – 17
Feb 13-14 
March 20 – 21
April 17 – 18
May 22 – 23
June 26 – 27 
July 17 – 18 
Sept 18 – 19 
Oct 17 – 18 
Nov 13 – 14 
Dec 11 – 12 

  • Transmission Lecture Series  – in advance or via recording
  • Self -Directed : Personal Creation Project : One to One mentoring sessions 

Exchange: € 2800. – 
Non-refundable deposit: €500.- 
Upfront Full Payment: 2475.- 
Payment plan available – inquire for details


“I did the SBA course with Veronica in 2019/2020, and it is a game changer in my life. There is nothing like this course. Yes, I got from this course a better understanding of the body and the energies within the bodies and the mind body system. But the absolute amazing part is the chance given by Veronica to experience it. And this is a game changer in life. This has changed how I view my relationship with my body, how I interact with people around me. This course grounded me and through the work I gain in clarity in my mind. I connected with myself. It is a spiritual journey. Veronica is an amazing guide. I would highly recommend anyone to do this course.” – C.P

“Having practiced yoga for more than 20 years I met Veronica at my Advanced Teacher Training course 3 years ago and decided to pursue any opportunity I found to study with her again. That chance came up with the SBAY course in Ballisodare. As I crossed the country every month I crossed back into a world where we connected with community, with the earth and with the ancients. We cleaned and polished our ancestral lines, we excavated our traumas and healed our wounds, we cried, we danced, we roared and, through Veronica’s teaching, pushed open doors and cleared pathways that til then had been blocked…. Over the course my meditations have opened up to new depths.  My teaching is more real and more embodied than ever and my students are really enjoying our new subtler, but I believe more profound, approach. 
The doors that have opened haven’t necessarily been connected to the ancient Indian practice of yoga as it is generally perceived in the West. I feel more connected to nature and to my ancestors. I also feel more connected to the nature of my fellow humans. I am more sympathetic to all our struggles, including my own and those of family members.
I would highly recommend SBAY training for any seeker out there.  For me and my family it has been absolutely worth the investment.” – Órla Hyland