Annie – Project Me

Overall Impression of the course?

Loved it, very helpful to me in all aspects of my life. Cannot recommend this course highly enough.

Most valuable part?

Values, identifying nourishing & un-nourishing parts of my life, goal setting, breathing, digital detox, regressing to childhood (week 3, very powerful and emotional).

Anything you would change about it?

Not a thing.

Was there anything you’d have spent less time on / more time on?


Did you have any particularly helpful insights into yourself?

My increased awareness of myself and my limitations (I know its ok not to do everything perfect) and I’m ok with that now.

How would you describe your experience of this workshop to a friend?

I would describe it as a journey of self-awareness to a healthier, happier Me (i.e. Project Me). When I am happier, more focused etc, everything in my life (home, marriage, personal goals, work) fits and functions better and that is down to you Anne-Marie. Well done and thank you for your guidance and direction in a non-judgmental manner. It has been excellent.

Annie O’Loughlin