Grace – Project Me

Overall Impression of the course?

Very relevant, do-able, realistic and appropriate. 

Most valuable part?

Journalling and toolkit. 

Was there anything you’d have spent less time on / more time on?

I agree that we need to spend the time doing these exercises in class, especially as its unlikely that we would do so in our spare time. I loved the ‘coaching’ aspect of the course. 

Did you have any particularly helpful insights into yourself?

Every year I try and do some event or work ‘voluntarily’. this gives me great pleasure and I always make new friends. 

How would you describe your experience of this workshop to a friend?

It heightened my self-awareness and my capacity to change. The exercises and tool-kit are items that I visit each day. I have begun to build these into my daily life, as they have value when I need them most. The course showed me how I can help myself and the weekly review kept me on my toes.