Melissa Jones – May Residential Retreat 2016

Overall Impression of the course?

Loved it. Feel so refreshed and inspired and hope I can make it last and act on realisations.

Most valuable part?

All of it – loved the workshops, equally loved the meditation. Yoga I found hard due to stiffness but working through it I felt great to have stuck with it.

Anything you would change about it?

No! not a thing. 

Was there anything you would have spent more or less time on?

I could do more silent meditation but that’s because that’s what I’m used to. I would do this as an addition to all we did, not instead. 

Did you have any particularly helpful insights into yourself?

Yes, I am obsessed with the negative impact of certain foods on me yet utterly resistant to change. However I recognise I have made changes at different times and rather that beating myself up, am hoping I can come to a more manageable less punitive deprivation focused way of changing. 

How would you describe your experience of this workshop to a friend?

Blissful, full of love. Full of the most important things to me – people connection, self care, movement, being minded, great nourishing healthy food, a journey to the soul, a transition from unhappiness to contentment/relaxation/acceptance.

Melissa Jones