Jacinta – Project Me

Overall Impression of the course?

It was so pleasurable to spend 1.5 hours here with you each Sunday. I normally hate class 🙂 and get bored easily but perfect length of time, really lovely pace of introspection. Love the taster of breath work, meditation and nothing too heavy or repetitive. 

Most valuable part?

“What do I need” it turned me upside down and became a catalyst for change. The questionnaire where we scored psychological, emotional etc was such a good exercise. The most valuable part is being able to share space with people all wanting to improve themselves. 

Was there anything you would change about it or anything you’d have spent less time on / more time on?

I can’t think of anything. 

Did you have any particularly helpful insights into yourself?

Yes always 🙂 I realised the dog was no.1 and that my basic needs (food, sleep) are the first things to go when work takes over. The values showed me what I feel in my soul and sometimes that desire to create, live a free inspriational life means reality gets left behind. 

How would you describe your experience of this workshop to a friend?

I have described it as a really amazing experience as I know self care is where I fall down. I know what to do (in theory) but I don’t have the tools to get me out of the hole. This workshop has given me access and awareness to the tools and the way to remedy my own self care neglect. I love that you share your own experience as it created a safe place to share your heart. Really worthwhile to make a change in your life. 

Jacinta Collins