about me

Anne-Marie Southcombe (aka Anne-Marie O’Halloran)

Certified Yoga Instructor, Certified Perinatal Yoga Teacher

Originally from Dublin but living in Sligo since 2006 with my husband and our 3 children. These beautiful children are my main preoccupation and in their own way, my constant teachers who have taught me more about life and the practise of yoga than I could have ever imagined. I have been teaching yoga in Sligo since 2010 and more recently also working as a Life Coach.

So what is yoga? or more specifically, what does yoga mean to me: I can honestly say that the practise of yoga has changed my life. Yoga is known by many as a way to relax, improve balance, flexibility, strength etc but you’ve heard all that before! Yoga has become so much more than just these things to me. It has become a way of living. A different mindset or attitude to apply to my whole life. Practicing and studying yoga has helped to increase my awareness of not only the physical body but the mental, emotional and subtle body, to name but a few areas. This increased awareness has enhanced every part of my life. Yoga is not just something to be practiced on the mat. Union of body, mind and spirit, although challenging, can be applied to everyday life, everyday routines, situations or activities. It has taught me to be more present, conscious and to listen or notice things, whether the subtle effects in the body, thoughts in the mind or my reactions to certain situations. In a physical way, it has taught me to tune in, respect and care for my body. Mentally it has helped me to notice some of the patterns I fall into in times of stress, reminding me to stop, slow-down, breathe and take care of myself.

Training includes:

250hr Teacher Training with the Elbowroom under the guidance of Veronica Larsson, Debbie Corradino, Marianne Jacuzzi, Marie Feirtear and Lisa Wilkinson.

Perinatal & Post Natal Teacher Training at the Elbowroom with Lisa Wilkinson & Melissa Curtis.

Yoga Energy Medicine with Veronica Larsson.

Intensive Practice and Philosophy with Marianne Jacuzzi.

Attended many workshops with various teachers including Veronica Larsson, Meghan Currie, Tiffany Cruickshank, Jason Crandell, Yogi Vishvkeu

For more information on other work that I do see www.annemariesouthcombe.com