Release, Receive & Regenerate: Workshop with Veronica Larsson

Release, Receive & Regenerate: with Veronica Larsson
Feb 2nd – Feb 3rd: Sat 2pm to 5pm and
Sun 10.30am to 5pm (with a break from 1pm to 2pm)
Venue: Avena Leisure Centre, Ballisodare.

Reconnect with yourSelf and dissolve the 3 stages of modern life stress (Alarm, sympathetic nervous system & adrenal response; Resistance, parasympathetic nervous system tries to bring homeostasis; Exhaustion, prolonged exposure to stress depletes vital life energy and the body is then prone to disease).

Release: Prolonged stress eventually exhausts the body’s adaptive energy reserves; here, we release the places that are unconsciously pushing the alarm button, the adrenal fight / flight / freeze reflex, and continuos over-stimulation of the sympathetic nervous system, in both body and mind, physiologically, and psychologically.

Receive, being in a natural state of a balanced nervous system, receiving the benefits of para-sympathetic nervous (PSN) systems functions; deep breathing, relaxation and improved sleep, proper enzyme production, digestion and peristalsis, stronger immune system and response. When the alarm is off, the proper functioning of the PSN can be received, homeostasis received, instead of its functioning solely to resist the bad effects of alarm and survival. We cultivate some time and familiarity with this space of Being, where actions, inspirations, and creation arise, effortlessly.

Regenerate: remaining present and staying in the natural power (something that for most feels unfamiliar today!) of a balanced nervous system, we access very deep physical and mental relaxation that allows us to go beyond the limitations of the thinking mind, our history and personality, to instead come into direct contact with the innate healing wisdom and power of yourSelf; the source of inner unlimited power and presence. Consciously accessing and directing this inner power with specific meditations and regenerative practices affect actual regeneration of cellular tissue. Deeply healing, we access the innate healing intelligence in the nucleus of the cells, and effectively rebuild and vitalize our cellular tissue, the organs, the nerves, the brain, the blood, the neuropathways, and excess energy that then can even heal older wounds, scar tissue, and release trauma.

Cost: €95 per person
Optional extra: Lunch on Sunday – price to be confirmed.
Deposit of €50 required to secure your place. To book, contact me on 0872759856.