Re-connect with you – Spring Weekend Residential Retreat


How are you doing?  How are you feeling?  Are you looking after yourself?  Are you taking time out?  Getting any quality time with yourself? 

Sometimes life gets too busy and we find ourselves, head down, trying to manage everything and DO everything, like master jugglers. Sometimes life feels like a never ending "to do" list with no time for a chat, no time for connection, no time to just BE. So how would you like to take a break from that "to do" list? Lift your head up, look around, take a breath. I invite you to join me on this unique RETREAT in Rathdrum. It's a wonderful excuse to take time away from a busy life, from obligations, from work and routine. How often do you put YOU first? Experience what it feels like to HONOUR yourself, to VALUE yourself on the deepest level. Give yourself this opportunity to feel relaxed and rejuvenated.

Testimonial: Obligatory! All my friends should experience this weekend and come away feeling good with more tools to make you feel even better"


  • Friday 9th March to Sunday 11th March
  • Venue: Avondale Retreat Centre, Rathdrum, Co. Wicklow.
  • €340 per person.
  • A minimum deposit of €100 is required to book your place.

Price Includes

  • 2 nights SHARED accommodation including meals
  • Instruction in hatha flow and restorative yoga
  • Guided meditations and mindfulness practices
  • Breathing techniques
  • Self inquiry/discovery workshops
  • Use of infrared sauna.

Booking is essential. Contact Anne-Marie: 0872759856 to book or click BOOK NOW below to purchase a ticket online

Avondale Retreat centre invites You to come and revel in your own true nature, in beautiful, inspiring, ancient surrounds and yet close to a quaint little village, Rathdrum.

The retreat centre has a purposely and carefully designed yoga studio suitable for 10 and the accommodation provides for the lodging of same.

The old and newer houses themselves are set in a wonderful one acre garden with a stream running through, adjacent to a holy well, a national trail walk, the Jubilee loop takes in Famine Graveyards, a mass path, Millennium Forest along the banks of the Avonmore River. The animals around the area range from deer, to magnificent wild birds and horses. The house is set among forests and hills. Ballgannon woods is right beside the garden. Charles Stewart Parnell’s house is a short walk away in Avondale park and Glendalough is 15 minute drive away. This is a place to escape and surround yourself in nature and in

Why go on retreat

  • Time Out. Its a wonderful excuse to take time away from a busy life, from obligations, from work and routine.
  • Self Care. Going on a retreat is putting you first, valuing your needs and honouring yourself on the deepest level.
  • Nourish. Clean, healthy and tasty vegetarian meals prepared for you
  • Nurture. Nurture your body mind and soul with yoga, breathing exercises, self care techniques and meditation.
  • Restore & Rejuvenate. All of the above along with restorative yoga practices and deep relaxation will leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.
  • Good Company. Meet like minded people.
  • Quiet Time. Spend time reading, reflecting or just enjoying your own good company.
  • Digital Detox. Often, people also take the opportunity to have a break from technology and the constant demands of the digital world.
  • Connection. Cultivate a deeper connection to your inner most self.
  • Return to your life feeling relaxed, energised and feeling like you’ve had a break
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Very good, prepared, clear instructions, structured but still time for “fun & laughter”. Restorative, find peace, get to know yourself better, self awareness, mindfulness, fun. Go on your own.

Charlotte May Residential Retreat 2016

Relaxing, new experience, very rewarding. Free flowing. A challenge but yet relaxing. Amazing food and accommodation. Reflecting on self – wonderful feeling.

C. Doherty May Residential Retreat 2016

Very professional and appropriate.  Enough yoga. Insightful workshops. Time out for me. Refocusing opportunity. Lovely food & surroundings. Lovely group.

Antoinette May Residential Retreat 2016

Absolutely brilliant. the best present I have ever been given or given myself. Really informative and practical ideas. A real life changer as so many processes were involved – thought, written, physical, mental. A truly lovely experience.

E. D. You First Workshop

Intuitive. Relaxing. Brilliant. Had a trapped nerve coming in and at the end of the class it was much improved 🙂

Elaine Hennigan You First Workshop

Loved it, very helpful to me in all aspects of my life. Cannot recommend this course highly enough. I would describe it as a journey of self-awareness to a healthier, happier Me (i.e. Project Me). When I am happier, more focused etc, everything in my life (home, marriage, personal goals, work) fits and functions better and that is down to you Anne-Marie. Well done and thank you for your guidance and direction in a non-judgmental manner. It has been excellent.

Annie O’Loughlin Project Me Course

I’m new to yoga and love Anne-Marie’s class, she’s an excellent teacher, very clear and easy to listen to. I come from a cycling background and need to improve my flexibility which is why I started but find the class great for the mind as well as the body, it’s a great de-stressor and has become an essential time out for me. Highly recommend her 🙂

Annonymous Yoga Class Attendee

Really impressed. Really enjoyed the whole experience. A very relaxing weekend. It had everything: great teacher, lovely place, surroundings to enjoy completely letting go! Great yoga, lovely food, lovely people.

N. Healion May Residential Retreat 2016

A weeks holiday in a weekend. I felt like as a child on summer holidays in Cork. Liberating without phone, makeup, fashion or distractions. I feel however we landed a really great bunch of cool people which sealed the deal!

Nora May Residential Retreat 2016

Blissful, full of love. Full of the most important things to me – people connection, self care, movement, being minded, great nourishing healthy food, a journey to the soul, a transition from unhappiness to contentment/relaxation/acceptance.

Melissa Jones May Residential Retreat 2016

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