Free Up: Shoulders and Back Release

wildthing-salt-and-soulVenue: Salt & Soul, Strandhill

Saturday 12th November 12:00 to 14:30

Cost €30. Book online

The focus of this workshop is to stretch and strengthen the muscles that support the shoulders and the back to create more freedom within the body.
For a lot of people, the modern day job requires long periods of time sitting at a desk which is detrimental to the shoulders and back causing repetitive strain, slumping and bad posture. This restriction can gradually decrease and limit the body’s full range of movement leading to tight shoulders, stiff joints, back pain and yes… bad posture. Being a general holding place for stress, the shoulders and upper back will certainly benefit from some extra care and attention.

In turn, the hips can also be a place where tension is held that consequently adversely affects the back. Limited mobility in the hips and the gluteus affects much of what we do and can increase the load on the spine.

Please note: There is an option to add a Sweetbeat Superfood Salad and Juice for collection at reception after this Workshop – €10. Please email to order once you have signed up.