Spring Tune Up

Saturday 25th February – Spring Tune Up – Yoga Workshop

Venue: Avena Leisure Centre

10am to  1pm

Spring has just started to peek out from where it was hiding and every bright sunny day we get feels like a treasured gift. Now is the time of rebirth and new growth. We haven’t quite warmed up yet and some of you may still be feeling the effects of winter but its time to come out of hiding 🙂

This yoga workshop is all about tuning in and tuning up. The class will start with guided meditation to help your mind become present, centered and relaxed. Then we will practice some specific breathing techniques to bring balance and prana (vitality) into the body. Our yoga asana practice will start with the feet and work through the whole body, all the way up to the head, balancing and harmonising the seven chakras. The practice will include a combination of sun salutations, standing poses, back bends and seated poses. We will of course finish with a blissful relaxation. The yoga practice is geared towards people who have some yoga experience.

€30 per person. As always booking is essential. Space is limited to 15 people so contact me to confirm your interest. Payment in advance will secure your place. Call/text me on 0872759856.