Hatha Flow

Hatha Flow is a more dynamic class focusing on co-ordinating the breath and movement while still staying connected with and listening to your body. In each class we move through various vinyasa sequences using the breath as a guide to create flow, connection and increased awareness.

Hatha Yoga Fundmentals

This is a more gentle class suitable for beginners or people returning to yoga after a long time. As with all yoga classes, I encourage people to tune-in and listen to their bodies and to only do what feels right for them. Everyone is different and all yoga asana (poses) can be adapted or modified to suit every individual.

Yoga for Pregnancy

This class is suitable for all levels, even those who have never done yoga before. A relaxed environment is provided where you can take time-out to enjoy the various stages of your pregnancy, while also learning yoga techniques and birth preparation information that enable you to feel more confident and empowered for childbirth.


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Very good, prepared, clear instructions, structured but still time for “fun & laughter”. Restorative, find peace, get to know yourself better, self awareness, mindfulness, fun. Go on your own.

Charlotte May Residential Retreat 2016

Relaxing, new experience, very rewarding. Free flowing. A challenge but yet relaxing. Amazing food and accommodation. Reflecting on self – wonderful feeling.

C. Doherty May Residential Retreat 2016

Very professional and appropriate.  Enough yoga. Insightful workshops. Time out for me. Refocusing opportunity. Lovely food & surroundings. Lovely group.

Antoinette May Residential Retreat 2016

Absolutely brilliant. the best present I have ever been given or given myself. Really informative and practical ideas. A real life changer as so many processes were involved – thought, written, physical, mental. A truly lovely experience.

E. D. You First Workshop

Intuitive. Relaxing. Brilliant. Had a trapped nerve coming in and at the end of the class it was much improved 🙂

Elaine Hennigan You First Workshop

Loved it, very helpful to me in all aspects of my life. Cannot recommend this course highly enough. I would describe it as a journey of self-awareness to a healthier, happier Me (i.e. Project Me). When I am happier, more focused etc, everything in my life (home, marriage, personal goals, work) fits and functions better and that is down to you Anne-Marie. Well done and thank you for your guidance and direction in a non-judgmental manner. It has been excellent.

Annie O’Loughlin Project Me Course

I’m new to yoga and love Anne-Marie’s class, she’s an excellent teacher, very clear and easy to listen to. I come from a cycling background and need to improve my flexibility which is why I started but find the class great for the mind as well as the body, it’s a great de-stressor and has become an essential time out for me. Highly recommend her 🙂

Annonymous Yoga Class Attendee

Really impressed. Really enjoyed the whole experience. A very relaxing weekend. It had everything: great teacher, lovely place, surroundings to enjoy completely letting go! Great yoga, lovely food, lovely people.

N. Healion May Residential Retreat 2016

A weeks holiday in a weekend. I felt like as a child on summer holidays in Cork. Liberating without phone, makeup, fashion or distractions. I feel however we landed a really great bunch of cool people which sealed the deal!

Nora May Residential Retreat 2016

Blissful, full of love. Full of the most important things to me – people connection, self care, movement, being minded, great nourishing healthy food, a journey to the soul, a transition from unhappiness to contentment/relaxation/acceptance.

Melissa Jones May Residential Retreat 2016
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